This Dominos Employee is One Safe Driver

According to, “Joel Bugarin is an extremely careful driver. No, he’s not that guy who waits way too long before hitting the gas after the light turns green, nor does he drive through intersections at 5 mph.”

“The Alameda resident just uses extreme caution when driving a 65-foot five-axle big rig through rain, snow, sleet and heat to make sure that delivery of Domino’s Pizza dough is as reliable as the mail. It’s that kind of driving for which Bugarin is being honored this week — with a chance to compete Friday in his company’s annual truck safety championships in New Boston, Mich.”

“‘I’m excited and nervous at the same time,’ Bugarin said. ‘The pressure is on. To represent the Hayward facility is an honor.'”

“Bugarin is an enthusiastic Domino’s booster, and casually slips phrases such as ‘freshest ingredients’ and ‘highest quality’ into truck contest conversation. It’s clear that the man is proud of his work and his employer. Every day, the Domino’s facility on San Antonio Street in Hayward churns out pizza dough. Domino’s workers make it in a huge mixing bowl that looks like the kind found in any kitchen, but is big enough to be a hot tub.”