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ThinkGeek Shows off Awesome Star Trek Pizza Cutter

""According to, “I tried to watch the original Star Trek series a bunch of times as a kid and just didn’t like it. I liked the movies that the original cast was in, but the series was just too cheesy for me. I did like me some Star Trek TNG though and watch that show all the time. ThinkGeek has unveiled an awesome new kitchen gadget for Star Trek fans that like pizza.”

“The gadget is a pizza cutter in the shape of the Enterprise from the original series. The handle is shaped like the body of the Enterprise and the round command section of the ship is the blade. That blade is laser etched with the NCC-1701 Enterprise designation.”

“The blade is made from solid zinc-alloy chromium. The blade has a 4-inch diameter, the total length of the cutter is 8.5-inches, and it weighs 277 grams. The only downside is that you have to hand wash the thing. You can pick one up now for $24.99.”