Thief Returns Donation Money, Apologizes

 “A man who was caught on camera stealing a donation jar from a Ferndale pizzeria Wednesday has returned some of the money and apologized,” WDIV-TV in Michigan reported.

“The return of the money was also caught on camera.”I think he may have seen himself on TV that night, and on Saturday afternoon he returned with a partial amount of money that was inside the jar,” said the pizzeria’s manager, Raymond Hollifield.The man left an envelope on the front desk and walked out. Inside the envelope were $50 and $5 bills and an apology note.”He ended up saying sorry, and that he had already spent some and that he felt horrible,” said Hollifield. “He ended up having a pretty good-hearted conscience.”The donation jar had been raising money to go toward funeral costs for Hollifield’s brother, who died suddenly at age 23.Surveillance footage showed the man entering the pizzeria and stealing a cardboard sign that had quarter slots for contributions. Those donations were going toward children with leukemia.The footage also showed the man stuffing the cardboard sign in his coat before gathering his pizza order and leaving the restaurant.Moments later, two men and a woman entered the pizzeria to pick up an order. Surveillance footage showed the cardboard donation in the woman’s bag.The trio used a handful of quarters to pay for their order. While they were paying for the pizza, one of the men slowly pulled a donation jar from the counter and walked out with it, police said.”