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There Really is a United States Pizza Team!

According to, “Driving through Lithia, you see and smell cows and horses.  There are just a few places to eat. One of them is East Coast Pizza. However, if you are one of the many that just zoom by, you’ll be missing out.”

“Inside the local business you can see Scott Childers doing tricks with dough that will have you doing a double take. Childers is on the United States Pizza Team. He tosses dough between his legs and around his back. Practicing is always fun, but Scott takes his team seriously. ‘I put my game face on,’ Childers said. ‘I know what time it is and I gotta do what I gotta do.’ A few years ago Scott started competing.  ‘They have a culinary competition, fastest pizza making competition, largest dough stretch competition, and then freestyle acrobatics,’ Childers said.”

“Scott can give a good show and his awards won in Orlando and New York are up on the wall. However, the wall will not be complete without an international win in Paris. ‘I’m hoping to bring home first place in the world,’ Childers said. ‘I have 4 national titles, those are old, I need to step up my game.’ Next spring, Scott will take his game overseas. Even if he comes back to East Coast Pizza without an international title, he realizes his work is inspiring. Scott practices just about every day, and if you stop in instead of driving by you may get to see your own show.”