WASHINGTON, May 9 /PRNewswire/ — theCityList.com, a user powered local guide to food, nightlife, and city attractions, launched a beta version for Washington DC today.

Celebrating the best in local dining and nightlife across Washington, DC, theCityList provides weekly rankings for over 100 different categories. Categories include Fine Dining, Romantic Places, Nightlife, and over 100 more. In addition, there is a special focus on niche categories such as Top Condo Projects or the City’s Best Music Venues.

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Rankings are updated weekly and determined by votes cast from visitors to theCityList.com. Every place listed on theCityList is submitted by theCityList’s community. Editors are only employed to check addresses and correct bad information.

Visitors to theCityList.com can:

* Vote on their favorite or least favorite places to go

* Submit their favorite neighborhood places

* Add reviews, quotes, or links from other sites to theCityList.com

* Review rankings and voting histories for their favorite places


“Visitors to local guides want information quickly. theCityList creates easy to read rankings, similar to Billboard music charts, where users can quickly gain the best place to grab a slice of pizza, go for a date, or spend a night out on the town,” said Jason Zucchetto, founder of theCityList.


theCityList is available now at www.theCityList.com. Visitors do not need to register to vote or submit places.


theCityList.com is a next-generation user powered local guide. theCityList.com is remarkably easy to use, visitors can intuitively submit and vote on their favorite neighborhood places. theCityList.com is a wholly owned business of theCityList LLC.

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