The upper crust of pizza joints

According to a news report from, “With everything from booze to DVDs now being delivered to your door, it’s hard to remember the dark days when such services did not exist.”

“It all began with pizzas and more specifically Call-A-Pizza, which prides itself on being the first to do so in South Africa, way back in 1987. Back then it was started by two models – which sounds like a joke, but it’s true – who brought the idea back from Germany, where the brand is huge to this day.,” said the story. “The concept took off and the chain grew, although it has subsequently shrunk to the one original outlet in Sea Point, which is owned by Ricky Sidelsky and Yolanda Chambers.”

According to the article, “The couple met while working at Mr Delivery, where Ricky irritated Yolanda at first before they became friends, and finally realised they simply couldn’t live a day without each other. Their relationship of nine years is coupled with their ownership of Call-A-Pizza, which they bought in 1998. Ricky and Yolanda admit that it was difficult in the beginning, with the area going through a bad phase, but they stuck it out. Forging yet another relationship, with trance music and the outdoor party scene, helped them through it by giving them something to look forward to after long nights in front of a hot pizza oven. Call-A-Pizza goes hand-in-hand with trance, and it’s become known as the place to go not only for a hefty pizza, but to find out where all the parties are happening and get tickets, to buy original psy-trance CDs and crystals or even a late-night gathering of like-minded trance bunnies. The menu is unique in that several of the pizzas are named for well-known trance DJs and events.

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