""According to DailyMail.co.uk, “Thin crusts are not necessarily a healthier option when it comes to pizzas.”

“Seemingly indulgent deep pan alternatives offered by supermarkets and takeaway firms can in fact contain less fat or salt, a survey of cheese and pepperoni pizzas shows. So, for example, Tesco’s Italian Romana Margherita – with an ‘ultra thin’ base – contains twice as much fat per 100g as the store’s Trattoria Verdi Deep Pan Cheese pizza. Perhaps surprisingly, frozen pizzas also tend to be healthier than supermarkets’ fresh ones, the researchers found. The most calories in a store’s cheese and tomato pizza are found in a Tesco fresh Cheese Feast deep crust pizza – at 310 per 100g. This is 57 per cent more than the 197 in a Waitrose frozen Organic Thin and Crispy Italian Stonebake Margherita. 

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