The Sausage is Split. Opinions Arent

Kansas City, Mo. – Made from top-shelf ingredients, Farmland Split Smoked Sausage offers unsurpassed flavor and convenience. 

Whether you need an eye-catching topper to an open faced breakfast sandwich or a mouth-watering taste for a signature lunch sandwich, Farmland’s Split Smoked Sausage gives you ""a tasty choice. They’re also an interesting and visually unique protein that complements a variety of breakfast dishes. 

Made from tender USDA-inspected cuts of beef and pork, the split sausage serves up a firm bite and even texture with real country flavor enhanced by the natural hickory smoke.  The sausages are also uniformly pre-split to save time and labor, and give a great presentation time after time.

“This is a great looking, great tasting product,” said Chip Morgan, Brand Manager, Farmland Foodservice.  “Operators will appreciate the convenience of the pre-slicing, and their patrons will love the down home, authentic flavor.”

Farmland Split Smoked Sausage comes conveniently packed in a twelve pound case.

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Since 1959, Farmland has maintained a proud heritage of working side-by-side with American Farm Families, using time-honored traditions to make great-tasting food that you can proudly serve your customers. It’s how we’ve always done it, and how we’ll be doing it for generations to come.  Farmland.   Good Food from the Heartland.