The rising cost of dough (Canada)

According to a news report from, “Noel Estoppey says he’s worried.”

“The baker is the proprietor of Domino Pizza House, his family owned business in Stephenville. Domino is known to people in the Bay St. George area, and abroad, as a place to relax with family and friends and to get a good meal,” said the story. “But he says the rising cost of flour is worrisome. He says he’s working to keep his prices as low as he can, but more increases are imminent. “My prices have gone up 25 cents on every pizza and ten cents on a sub in the last year, and I don’t remember the last time we put our prices up before that,” he says. Mr. Estoppey says this time last year, he was paying nine dollars for a 20 kg bag of flour. That price has risen steadily since then and he now pays $30 a bag.”

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