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'The Poetry of Pizza' is gooey and thin

According to a news report from, “It’s a cross-cultural romance; it’s a gentle plea for tolerance; it’s a door-slamming farce. As such, it probably deserves three grades: an A for cross-cultural romance, a B-minus for gentle plea; a C-minus for farce.”

“It is the world premiere of Deborah Brevoort’s “The Poetry of Pizza” at Purple Rose Theatre. Kindly ignore the photos (and critics’ quotes) from previous productions on the playwright’s Web site,” said the story. “Let’s clear that one up. This is the play’s official, professional world premiere, Purple Rose managing director Alan Ribant says. Earlier productions were “developmental.” Brevoort was in Chelsea last week to lend her imprimatur and was in the audience opening night. More than an imprimatur, the play needs an editor. It has an excellent director in Guy Sanville, a master controller of stage traffic, making the most of his space. When only two actors are on, he doesn’t necessary plunk them down center stage. When several are on, he positions them so the audience can observe all of them without missing anything. The production has excellent actors, too, most notably Purple Rose veteran Michelle Mountain as Sarah Middleton, an American poetry professor on a fellowship in Copenhagen, and Qarie Marshall, making his Purple Rose debut, as Soran Saleen, a local pizza maker who fled his native Kurdistan.”

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