According to a news report from, “This month, the students of Troy Howard Middle School opened their garden to Chris and Assunta Corpora, owners of Abbracci in Searsport, for a cooking demonstration as part of the school’s “Pizza Project”. The Troy Howard Middle School Garden Project encompasses an outdoor learning experience by providing a school-wide garden and greenhouse project in which all children in MSAD #34 can participate. The Garden Project affords the students the opportunity to work collaboratively, solve problems as a team, and foster a strong sense of self-confidence while gaining an appreciation for the value of agriculture.”

“For the students’ “Pizza Project”, students are introduced to the process of harvesting and making their own pizza, as well as the concepts of developing a business blueprint as their finished project will include a history report on three pizza ingredients and a business plan for opening up their own pizzeria. For this project, like other assignments completed in The Garden Project, students develop collaborative, research, problem solving, leadership, public and speaking skills while learning to harvest and prepare vegetables and fruit grown in their own healthy soils.” said the story.

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