CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police arrested an 86-year-old woman after she called 911 dispatchers 20 times in about 30 minutes to complain that a pizzeria wouldn't deliver, a report at WashingtonPost.com said. Dorothy Densmore was charged with misusing the 911 system, the report said.

She told emergency dispatchers that a pizzeria refused to deliver to her South Charlotte apartment, police said. She also told them that a person at the pizza store called her a "crazy old coot."

She said she wanted them arrested, but police came to arrest her instead. Police said she resisted. She was charged with resisting an officer and two counts of misusing 911, the report said.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

LaRosa's Pizza and Cincinnati Bell's wireless division will begin a test program next week using text messages to give special offers to Bell customers, a report in The Cicinnati Enquirer said.

The deals will be advertised with in-store posters, check inserts, billboards and box toppers, the report said. The ads will display a special number which subscribers can send a text message to for a code to get the special offers. They can use the code when paying their check in the restaurant or when ordering by phone, the report said. This program is the first of its kind in the U.S., the report said.

The Kansas City Star

ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. – Tracy Gaskill, a woman who has been on a feeding tube for three years, has begun talking and eating again, a report in the Kansas City Star said.

She was in an accident that left her in a "vegetative state" in 2002, and in the past few months, she has told her grandparents, Don and Stella Gaskill, the foods she misses most. Pizza and supreme pizza, top the list. She also said she wants to stawberry ice cream, watermelon and Sonic milkshakes, the report said.

For the past three years, Tracy has been fed five cans a day of Jevity, a high-calorie liquid, through a tube, the report said.

Seattle Post Intelligencer

The Seattle City Council has banned all mobile vendors from selling food within 1,000 feet of city schools, a report in the Seattle Post Intelligencer said. This ban comes after three or four people have been selling pizzas, sodas and other foods out of the back of vans during lunch periods near Cleveland High School.

One vendor, Eugene Barbu, said he's just trying to make a living. His critics say he and other vendors are "not only undermining school officials' efforts to get kids to eat better, but also threatening the jobs of cafeteria workers," according to the report.

David Westberg, business manager for the International Union of Operational Engineers, Local 609, represents the school cafeteria workers, according to the report. Westberg says that although only three or four vendors have been in the area, the cafeteria workers' jobs are threatened.

Susie Kelly, the high school's cafeteria manager, said that since the pizza vendors showed up fewer students are coming to the cafeteria.


After driving her car through a pizza restaurant in Bay City, Michigan, an 81-year-old woman is in the hospital, a report at WNLS.com said. Police said the woman drove over a curb between two telephone poles, through a wall of the restaurant and across the building into another wall. The police said they do not know what caused her to run into the building. No one else was hurt. The accident is still under investigation, the report said.

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