The Pizza Keeper keeps your left over pizza fresh and tasty for days

MESA, AZ—The invention of the Pizza Keeper is a line of plastic containers designed specifically and sized accordingly to house individual slices of pizza. Each container features the shape of an actual pizza slice or a pie shape, and is fashioned for a durable insulated plastic material similar to the type found in Tupperware®. To help maintain maximum freshness each Pizza Keeper is equipped with a snap-on lid which fits tightly over the top of the container.
The inventor has suggested various sizes and configurations which will better accommodate the multiple sizes and dish variations offered by the various pizza outlets. These include but are not limited to containers made expressly for medium pizza single and double slice, large single and double and extra large single and double as well as considerations for thin crust, regular and deep dish pizzas.

To view a graphic of the Pizza Keeper, along with more complete information on design features, advantages, benefits, target markets and distribution channels, please see the attached brochure or go to the Website listed above.

The Pizza Keeper was invented by Shawnda Olson of Mesa, AZ. She said, “If other homes are like ours—pizza usually stays in the box—and drys out by the next day. For real pizza lovers, this is a waste of a delicious favorite food. The Pizza Keeper seals the pizza and enables one to enjoy a slice of leftover pizza the next day or the day after. The Pizza Keeper is perfect for singles, live-alones, college students, and even large families, all of whom enjoy a leftover of this delicious, quick and nutritious food.”