The pizza industry is experiencing an unprecedented divide

Does the pizza industry seem a little bipolar to you recently?, a publication out of India, says the industry has been going to the extremes lately. Commercial chains like Pizza Hut and Little Caesar's have released low-brow offerings like the wacky hot dog stuffed crust pizza and a pretzel crust pizza with Cheez Whiz instead of sauce. Perhaps, more ridiculously, KFC is test marketing in Asia a fried chicken-crust pizza. The other side of the increasingly valuable coin are artisanal chains that seem to be exploding. Names like Blaze Pizza, PieologyChipotle's Pizzeria Locale, and Pie Five, are catching fire for their made-to-order, Chipolte-style fast-casual offerings.   

Read why Pieology alone is expected to nearly double from its current 60 units.and Blaze pizza was endorsed by superstar athlete LeBron James.