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The pizza harvester who ate Manhattan

The author of Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza, Colin Atrophy Hagendorf, ate and reviewed 435 slices of New York pizza–from every pizzeria in Manhattan–to write his book. He ends up coronating New York Pizza Suprema's slice as the king bite in the Big Apple. The pizzeria is owned by Joe Riggio. describes Hagendorf's pizza adventure, culminating in his description of the New York Pizza Suprema offering as "everything he ever wanted" in a slice of pizza. The author rates pizza slices on a scale of 1-8 based on the quality of their plain cheese pie. What's he looking for in the perfect slice?  I want the perfect ratios,” he says. “The dough can’t be too thick. There can’t be too much sauce; then it’s too wet. There can’t be so much cheese. Ideally, I don’t want to notice anything. I want everything at once.”   

Read about a sliced up Odyssey that can lead you to the mythic shores of pizza immortality.