The Oven Flap oven accessory reduces the energy cost of any conveyor style pizza oven by acting as an automatic swinging door

Located at the end of all conveyor style pizza ovens are two large openings which allow food products to enter and exit.  The problem is, heat is constantly escaping unhindered through these very same openings.  “The Oven Flap” is, in short, a stainless steel swinging door.  Once attached to the ends of any conveyor style oven, it creates a barrier which blocks escaping heat and in turn reduces the amount of energy the oven uses.  When food products move down the conveyor belt, ” The Oven Flap” is pushed open by the outer edge of a pizza pan.  Then, as the pan passes beyond the edge of the flap, the metal door swings back to a closed position.  The process is repeated when the food product exits the oven. 

An additional accessory, The Pizza Guard,  allows food products which have no pan or have a low profile pan, to move through the opening without touching the metal door.

In our experience,  a 15% to 30% reduction in energy cost could be achieved with the “The Oven Flap” attached.  This reduction translates into thousands of dollars saved each year for every store.    Best of all, installation is a simple process that can be accomplished by any handy man in about 30 minutes.

With energy prices continually increasing, pizza restaurant owners are going to great lengths to reduce costs.  Some “National pizza chains… began replacing its old ovens with a new model” in an effort to save money long term.  (Pizza Today Magazine)   It’s encouraging to know that now a simple add on oven accessory will do the same job, at a fraction the cost.

The Oven Flap is available for purchase at  One kit includes 2 Oven Flaps, hardware and installation instructions.  The cost of the kit is $495.