We’re all about taste. Ollo extra virgin olive oil fromAustralia is now available in a 1 litre bottle and a 10 litre food service cask.This award winning olive oil is packed in an airtight bag to deliver a fuller, longer lasting flavor, great texture and wonderful aromas as required by top Chefs and Restaurateurs.

Product Information | 10 Litre/2.6 Gallon Food Service Pack

A special blend of early and later harvest oils, this combination provides Chefs with all the freshness and aroma of the early harvest blend yet has sweeter milder flavors to accompany a wide range of culinary delights. It’s the perfect all round choice.

Acidity less than 0.35%. Unlike tins, this air tight bag protects the oil from air thus maintaining grove freshness. Unique valve allows Chefs to choose between drip and full flow options. Bag drains empty.

All the TASTE without the WASTE

Height: 9.7”/245mm
Depth/Width: 8.7”/220mm
Weight: 21.5lbs/9.7kg
Barcode: 839559 000120
Pallet: 20T x 5H = 100 Units
Cube: .43

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