According to a news report from, “Downtown Pennington without the old Vito’s Pizza? For a long time, that’s been pretty hard to imagine. Vito’s set up shop at 4 N. Main St. in the late 1980s and literally since its first day of operation has been one of the most briskly patronized businesses in the Hopewell Valley area.”

More than an eatery, it’s been a gathering place for people of all ages, ” said the story. “Typical sights at Vito’s — A table surrounded by grade-school-age children in soccer uniforms eating pizza, next to a table with men in business suits eating subs. Next to them is seated a family having salads and other Italian fare. Then there’s a table crowded with teenagers from Central High School or The Pennington School, or Timberlane Middle School children having soft drinks and slices of pizza and hot sandwiches. Then, there are the college students who have come to Vito’s, their beloved old stomping grounds, while home a few weeks on semester break … and on it goes. Vito’s is gone from 4 N. Main now. Not to worry, though. Vito’s moved next door, to 2 N. Main on Friday. The new place is more spacious, snazzier — check out the fancy wooden columns out front and the hip-looking furniture and decor inside — and has a bigger menu.”

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