Monroe, Wisconsin – The national celebration of St. Patrick’s Day proves that there’s a bit of Irish in most of us!  Now, the cheese makers at Roth Käse make it possible for cheese lovers to savor a taste of the Emerald Isle all year long, with The Irish Range, a collection of imported and Irish-inspired Wisconsin-made cheeses.  The four selections in The Irish Range include:
·                                 Donovan’s Double Diamond Darby – A revival of the traditional Derby cheese, this semi-soft table cheese is made with whole milk and cultured cream, and aged for six months to develop a slightly sweet flavor with a tangy finish.   Slice on sandwiches, or pair with a light ale or dry white wine.
·                                 Emerald Swiss – A mild, nutty cheese that’s perfect for snacking and cooking. Aged for six weeks, Emerald Swiss has a delicate, approachable flavor. 
·                                 Kelly’s Cow – The mild-and-mellow flavor and smooth, velvety body of Kelly’s Cow appeals to a broad range of palates, and is well suited for snacking and melting applications.
Donovan’s Auld Irish Cheddar (Imported from Ireland) – Produced by a cooperative of small family farms, this “Vintage” Cheddar is selected for its superior flavor and texture. Rich, robust, and buttery, Donovan’s Auld Irish Cheddar can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner…it’s that good.  Cheddar lovers rejoice!   

Keep those Irish eyes smiling with recipes that feature Roth Käse’s Irish Range of cheeses. Simple pleasures include the traditional Ploughman’s Lunch, with all four Irish Range cheeses, served with a chunk of rustic bread and a pickle.  An “Irish Melt” with Donovan’s Auld Irish Cheddar, Kelly’s Cow, or Emerald Swiss melted on sliced soda bread, tomatoes, crisp bacon and fresh basil is always a crowd pleaser.  For a new twist on Fondue, try an Irish blend with equal parts Emerald Swiss and Kelly’s Cow…and a shot of Irish whiskey for added kick.

Roth Käse cheeses are handcrafted by master cheese makers according to traditional techniques.  With roots in Switzerland, Roth Käse is now a leading manufacturer and marketer of handcrafted, award-winning specialty cheeses in Monroe, Wisconsin, making only the highest quality, best-tasting cheeses.  For more information on Roth Käse, contact:  Kirsten Jaeckle, Director of Marketing, 608-328-2122, ext. 8, or visit their website at

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