The Flippin’ Pizza Veteran Franchise Program Gives a Hand Up

(Press Release) San Diego, CA June 18, 2012–Facing an unstable economy is proving to be very tough for thousands of veterans, and as more and more troops come home, it’s becoming a significant issue. David Sutherland, a retired Army colonel who was a special assistant to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on veterans’ employment issues says, “Veterans don’t need a handout or pity…They need a hand up and a start.”

One Franchisor creating a great opportunity for qualified veterans, is San Diego, CA based Flippin’ Pizza. Two top Flippin’ Executives, President Mike Brumagin, and COO Bob Fetkin, have more of a connection to the Veterans’ Program than most franchisors. Mike Brumagin served as a Reconnaissance Platoon Leader in the U.S Army, and received a Bronze Star for exemplary leadership during combat operations in Operation Desert Storm. Bob Fetkin served in the U.S Navy, and received awards that include: Navy Expeditionary Medal, Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal, and Sea Service Deployment Medal. Mike Brumagin says of the company’s personal ties to the program, “Two of our four partners (myself included) are veterans. I have many classmates still in service and have lost some very close friends. So we go much deeper than lip service in terms of our empathy for what these folks and their families go through.”

Under the Flippin’ Pizza Vet Program, veterans who meet certain qualifications and are awarded a Flippin’ Pizza franchise, will receive the following incentives: The full franchise fee of $25,000 for their 1st location, is completely waived. In addition, the royalty fee of 6% is reduced to 3% for the first year of operation, and assistance is provided in making the right connections for construction financing. According to Brumagin, “We wanted to do our part for Veterans and felt we could accomplish two things with our Veteran incentives: 1) offer a way of saying thanks with our reduced fees and, importantly, 2) offer an easy way for an entrepreneurial Vet to transition from serving to a real business ownership opportunity with a lot of hands-on support by folks who have walked in their boots”. In addition, Bob Fetkin states that, “Many veterans don’t have the resources to get started in business because of the limited salary they receive while serving our country. This is not only a great way to help them get started and fulfill their dream but also a way for Flippin’ to show our appreciation for their service and sacrifice!!”

There are many advantages to veteran-run franchises and Fetkin states, “I found that in order to be successful in the military you must have discipline, commitment, organization, and an attention to detail. You must have a teamwork mentality and be able to operate in a systems-oriented environment. These are all characteristics of what it takes to succeed as a leader in any business.”

As Memorial Day has come and gone, it is my belief that as Americans, we should honor those who have fallen – past, present, and future – for the protection of our freedom and life as we live it today. I have a personal affinity to the idea, as both my father and grandfather have served; my Father in Vietnam and my Grandfather in World War II. I am very blessed to even be here, as my father’s second time being wounded in action brought him home, just five months prior to most of his platoon getting wiped out on May 5, 1968. It is unknown how many Vets will be awarded franchises through the program, however the ability to offer such a program gives hope. Why not give the men and women who fight for what we live for, the ability to fulfill their dreams? Flippin’ Pizza’s Incentive Program for Vets is a very small gesture, but will hopefully give many men and women the confidence they can come back home and have a chance at the American Dream….the ability to achieve prosperity and success.”