According to a news report from, “There are many factors that affect a pizza. The type of flour used for the dough. The temperature of the oven. The quality of the toppings. The skill and hands of the maker of the dough. The vigilance of the pizzaiolo (the person manning the oven). D.C. may not be known as much of a pizza town, but a few of the city’s brightest chefs have ventured to increase the quality of the brick oven (forno) pizza. With the advent of 2 Amys, Bebo Trattoria, Red Rocks and Comet Ping Pong, the discussion has been raging over the best brick-oven pizza in town.”

“My friend and popular food board moderator, Don Rockwell, suggested that we visit these four spots in one evening to get a snapshot view of the pizzas, and try to bring some clarity to the debate. To level the playing field we ordered plain cheese and tomato pizzas at each, eating immediately so each had its opportunity to shine. We took into consideration the quality and flavor of the crust, the tomato sauce, and the cheese,” said the story.

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