The End Of Cain? Pizza King Rocked By New Sex Scandal reports, “He""rman Cain, the former pizza chain executive, indicated to members of his campaign staff yesterday that he will be reconsidering whether to stay in the race for the Republican nomination for president in the wake of an Atlanta woman coming forward and claiming she had a 13-year affair with him that only ended this year.”

“While Mr Cain was quick to deny that he had had an extra-marital affair with the woman, he said in a conference call to campaign workers that he needed to assess whether her claims, coming on top of earlier charges from four other women of inappropriate advances from him in the past, meant his bid would no longer be viable. The woman, Ginger White, went on local television in Atlanta late on Monday and said she had phone text records and other evidence to prove that she had been Mr Cain’s mistress for more than a decade and that the relationship had been broken off just eight months ago, shortly before he announced his intention to run for the White House.”