The Culinary Institute of America and Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc. Launch The Professional Chef Rediscovers Soy Sauce

According to a press release, Asian cooking and flavoring is an ancient art, now presented in
a 21st-century medium: “The Professional Chef Rediscovers Soy Sauce” is a free online education
program provided by the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc.

Thecomprehensive program features fascinating scientific and historical background about soy sauce and
a thorough exploration of one of today’s hottest culinary topics —umami, the fifth basic taste.
The program demonstrates how professional chefs can use Kikkoman Soy Sauce to achieve this flavor
profile, often described as meaty, savory or brothy, in virtually any savory dish. From Asian and Latin to
Mediterranean and mainstream American cuisine, the program provides tips, demonstration videos and
recipes from chefs who use naturally brewed Kikkoman Soy Sauce to help their dishes reach their full
flavor potential.

The program also includes:
• An examination of the differences between naturally brewed soy sauce and non-brewed, acid-
hydrolyzed soy sauce
• Information on naturally brewed Kikkoman Soy Sauce as a natural flavor enhancer
• Product information on Kikkoman’s entire line of Asian sauces, seasonings, coatings and
Pearl® Organic Soymilk
Visitors are able to request a free copy of Kikkoman’s umami recipe brochure, “Umami Made Easy.”
The program is available on the CIA’ ProChef Web site for foodservice professionals, but is also
informative and appropriate for home cooks: Program announcements
will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and ProChef SmartBrief. Cooking demonstration videos will be
uploaded to YouTube, iTunes and other RSS feeds.
About Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc.

Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc. is the world’s leading soy sauce manufacturer, offering a complete line of
authentic Asian sauces, seasonings, coatings and Pearl® Organic Soymilk. In 2009, Kikkoman’s
product line expanded to reflect the exploding interest in Asian flavors, introducing sauces for
Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine. All Kikkoman products are manufactured in HACCP-
approved U.S. plants in Walworth, Wisconsin and Folsom, California, ensuring that operators can count
on consistently superior flavor, quality, supply and safety in every shipment. Whether you need product
samples, innovative recipe ideas or a creative partner in menu development, contact Kikkoman Sales
USA, Inc.