Toronto, Ontario, June 28, 2008 ― Along with providing food for the masses this Canada Day, Pizza Pizza, a Canadian-run success story, is also offering some food for thought, courtesy of an online poll conducted to determine “what makes a Canadian pizza, Canadian.”

Pizza Pizza is a contributor to the distinctively Canadian aspect, sourcing many home-grown products and ingredients in the 41 years it has been making pizzas. The company even named a pizza known as Canadian Eh! And what could be more Canadian than a pizza-maker whose 11-11 phone jingle once formed part of an informal test of citizenship at Canadian customs and immigration Ontario.

But it is the millions of Canadians eating pizzas, and their preferences and idiosyncrasies when it comes to pizza consumption that give the “Canuck” pizza its distinctiveness. 

Pizza Pizza’s Canada Day survey was conducted online through the company’s website and includes responses from more than 1,300 participants.  The survey was conducted from June 19 to June 24, 2008.

The survey found that Pizza Pizza customers are pretty well-rounded preferring pizza with a regular-crust and a combination of meat, vegetables and cheese toppings. An overwhelming majority of those surveyed indicated they usually dip the crust in a dipping sauce while eating a pizza slice – an eating habit popularized by the chain itself.

Regular-crust pizza earned the favour of 46 per cent of polled participants, with 33 per cent and 21 per cent preferring thin and thick crust respectively. The meat, vegetables and cheese combination was the choice of 59 per cent of respondents, followed by meat only at 17 per cent, vegetables at 13 per cent and cheese at 11 per cent. 

While 6 out of every ten (63 per cent) – “do the dip” with their crusts, 13 per cent fold it in half and 11 per cent simply leave the crust behind. Only 7 per cent eat the crust first and just 6 per cent of respondents pick off their least favourite topping.

“Canada Day is the perfect occasion to spend some time with family and friends and to kick-off the summer season. We know that wherever family and friends gather, food will play an important role,” said Pat Finelli, Chief Marketing Officer for Pizza Pizza. “Food and eating habits are fundamentally tied into culture and Pizza Pizza is proud to serve the Canadian palate.”

About Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza’s evolution as a major force in the pizza industry has been marked by such innovations as the first one-number system for telephone orders, with a unique jingle to go with it, and the first computerized order-taking system. Among its many menu innovations are the introduction of healthier lifestyle options that include whole-wheat, multi-grain dough and the elimination of industrially added trans fats from all menu items.

Pizza Pizza pays royalties on top-line system sales to Pizza Pizza Royalty Income Fund, which is a publicly traded company (PZA.UN), and has annual sales exceeding $400 million. Pizza Pizza expanded its Western Canada operations in 2007 with the purchase of 48 “Pizza 73” restaurants. In addition its Quebec locations, the company is continuing to extend its business operations through non-traditional sites and organic growth in communities throughout the country.

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