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'The Black Friday of pizza': How pie-makers prep for Super Bowl

"The Super Bowl is technically all about football, but for the 99.9 percent of fans who aren't actually at the game, the Super Bowl is also all about… food. And sure, you can make an argument for wings inching their way toward becoming the reigning champs of Super Bowl party foods, but pizza really is the king," according to Today.

"The Super Bowl is the pizza joint version of Black Friday, the No. 1 day when pizzas are ordered, prepared and delivered (or picked up) in the span of just a few hours. So how do pizza shops prepare for and handle it?

In Amite, La., James Atkins, current Papa John’s franchisee and former offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, says prepping for the biggest pizza day of the year isn’t that different from prepping for the big game.

“It’s a rush like none other. You prepare your staff like you would be preparing to go into the stadium and you coach them like you would coach a team,” he told “I tell them, ‘Be excited, be energetic, don’t ever say you can’t do something.’ Can’t is a word I don’t let them use. Just like a football team, you put people into their positions and then you have to have good management.”

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