Does your pizza restaurant have the best pizza in town? If every new person who moved into your neighborhood visited your pizzeria first, would they have a great experience and want to come back? 

This is the biggest struggle that most local business owners encounter: how to get new customers into your pizza restaurant so that you can showcase what makes your pizza the best in the neighborhood. When Welcomemat Services set out to offer marketing services for the local business community 15 years ago, we knew that the strategy had to be centered around building customer relationships that would result in long-term customer loyalty. 

The secret to building customer loyalty quickly is reaching an audience that doesn’t currently have any other pizza restaurant loyalties—new movers. 

Families that have just moved into the neighborhood haven’t found their new favorite pizza restaurant yet! And, because they are looking to explore the restaurants in their new neighborhood, they are 80 times more likely to respond to your marketing than current residents. Be the first to invite them into your local pizza restaurant, and they are five times more likely to stay long-term customers at your pizzeria—and not your competitors’.


The Welcomemat Difference: 

Capture the Best Audience: New movers have the highest propensity to be your new loyal customer for the next 5.2 years—the amount of time they live in their new home. 

Advanced Data Tracking Technology: We’ll send you a monthly data report with everything you need to measure the short- and long-term success of the program.    

Personalized Gifts: By offering a tangible and personalized gift, customers are more likely to become loyal customers for your business.

Retention Thank-You Cards: We’ll auto-generate a customized thank-you card to reconnect you with your new customers and enforce loyalty and retention. 

Industry Exclusivity: As a Welcomemat client, you’ll be the only pizza restaurant reaching new movers first in your area. 

To learn more about the Welcomemat new mover marketing program and to discuss if it’s a good fit for your pizza restaurant, visit or call 866-768-8954


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