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The $98 Million Pizza

In May of 2010, the first real purchase was made with bitcoins. No surprise to PMQ, it was pizza!

On February 25, the "Pizza Guy," Laszlo Hanyecz struck again, according to Investopedia, purchasing two pizzas using the Lightning Network, a new second-layer bitcoin application

While it all gets very technical, the story goes on to explain, "The lightning payment took a bit more logistical wrangling than the first pizza purchase. Again, a British counterparty agreed to facilitate the transaction, accepting bitcoin via a c-lightning payment channel (c-lightning is one of three major implementations of Poon and Dryja's concept). In order to prove that the payment had gone through, Hanyecz showed the first and last four digits of the transaction's "preimage" to the delivery driver. 

The twitter account @bitcoin_pizza says the original 2010 order, purchased with 10,000 bitcoins, would now be worth $98,300,725 (as of Feb.25).

In 20 years could we all be paying for pizza with bitcoins?