According to, “When is eating chametz after Pesach a mitzvah? When the proceeds of a wild e-Bay auction for the first pizza baked after Pesach goes to Sephardic Bikur Cholim.”
The article said, “The unusual auction, brainchild of Benjie Greenfield of Brooklyn, came about after he and some of his Daf Yomi “classmates” started to joke about the long lines people were willing to endure in order to get fresh pizza on motzei Pesach. As they continued talking about it, Mr. Greenfield started to wonder whether there was a way to capitalize on the concept in order to raise money for tzedakah.”

According to the report, “After getting the OK from his friend, Judah Cohen, co-owner of Pizza Time restaurant on Avenue J, Mr. Greenfield put the “1st Pizza After Pesach” up for auction on e-Bay, with the notation that all proceeds would benefit Sephardic Bikur Cholim. Then he waited to see what would happen.”

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