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That kid? He's the chef

According to a news report from, “In the dining room at Osteria Mozza, some kid is arguing with Nancy Silverton about food. It’s mid-morning and with the restaurant closed for lunch, it’s about the only time the room is empty. But already through the tall windows on Highland Avenue, you can see people lining up at their pizzeria next door. Silverton and the kid are standing at a marble table stacked with menus, and they’re ripping one apart — at least verbally.”

“Silverton is dressed stylishly, as usual, with an apron thrown over her designer duds. The kid has on a short-sleeved chef’s jacket and he’s got what looks like a large white dinner napkin wrapped around his head. Who is this guy? You might be surprised. Of course you know that Silverton and Mario Batali are the big-name chefs behind Mozza. But do you have any idea who’s running the kitchen?” said the story. “Matt Molina, a 29-year-old so baby-faced he looks as if he probably still gets carded when he orders a bottle of wine, is the executive chef at the two hottest restaurants in Los Angeles: the conjoined twins Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza.”

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