Thanks to Chowly, you CAN integrate restaurant aggregators into your POS system


Chowly Inc., based in Chicago, is the first company whose sole focus is integrating third-party online ordering systems directly into point-of-sale systems. The growing restaurant aggregator industry has proven to be a vital part of the modern restaurant’s marketing plan. These third-party online ordering systems—Chowly’s Brian Duncan calls them TOOS—include Grubhub, Eat24 and Chownow, and they drive additional revenue and add a valuable marketing channel to reach new customers. “I think the restaurant industry is in agreement that TOOS are here to stay,” Duncan says. “The problem has always been that the added value would ultimately make restaurant operations suffer by having to manually enter each order one at a time.”

Grubhub, Eat24, OrderUP and other TOOS provide a medium, such as a tablet or fax machine, to deliver online orders to the restaurant. A member of the restaurant staff must then manually enter each order into the POS, opening up the restaurant to additional problems, such as input errors. These problems are magnified during lunch and dinner rush. With Chowly’s innovative software, the need for additional staff to re-enter orders into the point-of-sale system is now a problem of the past. There is no additional hardware to purchase and no additional steps for employees to take.

“Chowly is a software company created by restaurant professionals,” Duncan notes. “We believe adding another printer or another tablet is not a solution and also adds unwanted overhead to the restaurant.” Chowly’s software operates in the background of your restaurant’s point-of-sale platform. Orders are electronically transmitted from your TOOS provider directly into your POS, mimicking the current way the restaurant enters orders manually. “Our product is not an out-of-the-box solution,” Duncan adds. “We speak with each restaurant to understand their individual needs and tailor our integration so the TOOS orders flow seamlessly into the kitchen.”

Chowly works with over 70% of the point-of-sale market and has partnered with restaurants across the United States. So when the question is asked, “Can restaurant aggregators integrate into my POS systems?”, the answer is a resounding YES, but only if you work with Chowly! For more details, contact Chowly Inc. at 888-628-0823 or visit