According to a news report from, “Who has never been put on hold while trying to order pizza, hot wings or moo shu pork? Who has never opened a delivery bag and discovered a Coke instead of a Diet Coke, or that the brown rice is as white as the napkins the restaurant neglected to include?”

“I hate calling up to order food,” said Lewis Friedman, a Manhattan real estate broker. “It throws me over the edge. They put you on hold. They get the order wrong. It’s always a crapshoot,” said the story. “But all that changed last month when he saw a sign in the window of Lenny’s, a chain of sandwich shops in Manhattan, encouraging customers to place orders online. Friedman returned to his office, logged on and, at long last, felt in control of his gustatory future. “I’m in the driver’s seat,” he said. “I can click that I like light skim milk. I can click for Equal as opposed to Sweet’n Low or Splenda.” The comedian Jim Gaffigan has teased Americans about how fast they want their food. “That’s why we really love those value meals,” he said. “You just have to say a number: `Two!’ Soon you won’t have to speak. It will just be a noise. `Ennnghhh!'”

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