Teddy's Pizza Restaurant a South Windsor Institution for 34 Years

“The secret to Teddy’s Pizza Restaurant’s 34 years of success in South Windsor isn’t nearly as spicy as the establishment’s famed pepito sauce,” according to The South Windsor Patch.

“Actually, the reason for the success of the restaurant, located at 289 Oakland Road, is pretty bland.

“We’re friendly to people and our ingredients in our pizza and our food have never changed,” shrugged Lee Kanellopoulos, who co-owns Teddy’s with Arthur Karahalios.

There’s more to it than that, of course. A consistent product is fine, but it also helps if it’s good, too.

And people rave about Teddy’s Greek-style pizza, Greek and Italian dishes, grinders and seafood dinners.

The house salad dressing is so good, Kanellopoulos says, that people from Florida, North Carolina and Virgina make special stops in South Windsor just for a taste.”