A husband-and-wife team from America's top-two pizza capitals have brought their pizza skills and passion to the Gulf Coast.

Waltonsun.com reports New York native Russell Stegemann and his wife, Kimm, a Chicogoan, opened Stegg's Pizzeria in Destin, Florida, a year ago and even patrons from Italy agree their pies are authentic and delicious. Russell got tired of searching for a Brooklyn-style pizza on the Gulf Coast, so he started his own pizzeria. “Our theme is ‘for the love of pizza,’ so that’s our motivation. We’re pizza-crazy-loving people,” he said.

Using fresh-made dough every day, which is proofed in the cooler for three days, the Stegemanns produce a crust that's thinner. They recalled that a vacationing family from Italy tried their pizza and confirmed that it was the best they ever had.

Read about how the Stegermann's work hard to bring the gift of pizza to their Gulf community.

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