According to Nation’s Restaurant News, “ Pizza may be one of the cheapest, most convenient foods in the United States, but American consumers overwhelmingly turn to pizza over other meal options because of taste, new research shows.”

“A recent study by consulting firm Technomic found that 62 percent of consumers polled said cravings drove their most recent purchase of away-from-home pizza, compared with 25 percent of respondents who went out for pizza because it’s more convenient than cooking at home. Nearly one-fifth of those surveyed said price, coupons or discount promotions influenced their pizza buying decisions. To capture a bigger slice of the pie — 93 percent of consumers in the United States eat pizza at least once a month, Technomic found — chains must appeal to consumers’ sense of taste with bold flavors and diverse offerings, said Darren Tristano, executive vice president of Chicago-based Technomic.”

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