Tampa, FL (PRWEB) March 15, 2010 — A study by the National Institutes of Health shows that one in 133 Americans cannot tolerate gluten, a substance in wheat and some other grains. Viitals Specialty Bakery (www.viitals.com) and the Gourmet Pizza Company restaurant, both in Tampa, FL, have teamed up to serve their vegan and gluten-intolerant customers gluten-free pizza.

The collaboration, begun in February of this year, introduces the first viable gluten-free alternative to the old-fashioned wheat crust.

The key is in the gluten-free, vegan pizza crust, developed by Viitals Specialty Bakery owner Ivan Nikolov and used by the Gourmet Pizza Company restaurant. The crust is sold a la carte at the bakery. Response has been phenomenal, according to Nikolov.

He opened his wholesale bakery in April 2009 and expanded into retail in October, with a café style storefront in Tampa. Although in its infancy, Viitals Specialty brand is gaining recognition among the health and allergy conscious in Florida, with products sold in several Tampa specialty stores.

The Gourmet Pizza Company, opened in 1999 in South Tampa, operates on two principals; take the best products available and prepare them with the greatest skill and attention possible. It is these principles that define their commitment to making the best pizza anywhere.

Says pizza company owner Kristina Lima, “I started my research on gluten-free pizza about a year ago. After having tasted several different pizza crusts…I was fortunate to have stumbled upon Viitals–hands down the best gluten-free crust I had tasted…our customers are very happy with it.”

Viitals crust is made with a proprietary blend of gluten free flours, extra virgin olive oil, and seasoned with Italian seasoning. It is completely gluten–free and vegan, and feels, smells and tastes like a traditional pizza crust.

Says Nikolov, “…gluten-free foods, especially pizza crusts are famous for having completely different and unsatisfactory taste, texture and flavor. We are happy that, in addition to offering a great-tasting par-baked gluten-free vegan pizza crust at the Viitals bakery, we also partnered with a well-established and reputable company like the Gourmet Pizza Company.”

The gluten-free vegan pizza crust will soon be available in health food stores and pizzerias nationwide. Because the health and well-being of its gluten-intolerant customers is of utmost importance, Viitals will choose its venues for their clean practices and high standards, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.

Other Viitals products include gluten-free vegan bread, birthday cakes, high protein muffins, crackers, loaves, cake bars, mousses, dips, healthy drinks, organic coffee and gourmet tea. All products are high in fiber and free of the most common food allergens; soy, milk, eggs, nuts, fish and shellfish (www.viitals.com/menu).

Viitals is a dedicated gluten-free (gluten not allowed on the premises) hypoallergenic bakery.
It is the 2009 winner of Baking Management magazine’s Product Innovation Award, which honors the best and the brightest in the baking industry.

Viitals Specialty Bakery vegan, gluten-free pizza crust and Gourmet Pizza Company toppings combine to allow even the most health conscious to indulge in their favorite food.

To learn more about Viitals Specialty Bakery please visit www.viitals.com.

About Viitals Specialty Bakery:

Viitals Specialty Bakery is a wholesaler and retailer of high-protein, gluten-free healthy, vegan baked goods. They offer delicious and nutritious products for health conscious consumers.

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