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When the President of Toppers Pizza, Inc., Scott Gittrich, first considered streamlining his mid-western company and growing franchise pizza delivery restaurants, and innovate a new methodology for testing and rolling out new food products, he evaluated several restaurant consulting firms to guide his efforts. Gittrich was seeking an organization with a comprehensive world view and a proven track record with multiple unit franchise operations. Once he completed his vetting process, Synergy Restaurant Consultants emerged as the single firm that completely satisfied his goal-oriented wish list.

“When we work on multi-unit chains, especially those with individual franchises, we generally commence with an operations assessment. Our goal is to simplify the overall operation so that we can create a culture of consistency and quality,” commented Danny Bendas, co-founder of SRC and Principal in charge of the Toppers assignment. “This is precisely how we proceeded with Toppers Pizza. (Toppers Pizza is headquartered in Whitewater, Wisconsin, but with stores in ten states.) We were also tasked with reviewing their brand positioning, and also conducting a Strategic Planning Session, the goal being to clarify operational best practices. We are also conducting menu content research so that we can advise on new menu items and improve, where necessary, existing recipes. Once we complete these crucial elements, Gittrich has other initiatives he is considering that SRC undertake,” continued Bendas.

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