• The Pizzeria has collaborated with Lacrosse Unlimited to create pizza-themed shorts that will raise money for a nonprofit supporting Long Island’s veterans.
  • A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the Swim Dodge Pizzeria Short will be donated to the United Veterans Beacon House.

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The Pizzeria, with four locations in New York, has an unusual new item on the menu, and it’s not a round pie, a square pie or even a hero sandwich. It’s swimming trunks.

The Pizzeria has collaborated with Lacrosse Unlimited, the largest lacrosse equipment distributor in the world with more than 45 retail outlets across the U.S., to create the Swim Dodge Pizzeria Short. The sky-blue trunks, which feature slices of pepperoni pizza dripping with cheese, will be sold by both companies with a percentage of the proceeds donated to the United Veterans Beacon House, a Long Island-based nonprofit.

“Our goal at The Pizzeria is always to support the communities that have supported us and made it possible to open four locations in our first 18 months,” said Cliff Weinstein, partner of the Pizzeria Group. “We are fortunate to have great friends at Lacrosse Unlimited to partner with and make an impact in the veteran community. We tremendously respect our nation’s veterans and collectively, with our community, seek to enhance their lives in any way we can.”

Rob Rimmer, creative director for Lacrosse Unlimited, added, “At LU, we’re lacrosse people. We don’t have the expertise to directly lend a hand to those individuals who have sacrificed so much for us. But we do have the opportunity to donate to those who can help, and we see Beacon House as the perfect outlet to do so.”

Headquartered in Bay Shore, N.Y., the Beacon House has 47 locations across Long Island. Since 1994, the Beacon House has been analyzing the individual needs of veterans and providing support in regard to homelessness, physical disabilities, PTSD, mental health issues and addiction. They counteract veterans’ everyday challenges by taking a hands-on approach with case management, transportation, counseling and housing.

“It is hard to conceptualize the different struggles our veterans face on an individual basis,” Rimmer said. “Those heroes who put their lives on hold aren’t appreciated the way they should be after returning from service, and it is an honor for us to have the opportunity to raise awareness and provide support in regard to this issue.”

With locations in Bay Shore, Islip, Bayport and Lake Grove, The Pizzeria offers a menu that hits all corners of classic Italian cuisine, from chicken parm to cannoli, while adding its own twist to traditional dishes.

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