(Press release), Reading, PA, July 3, 2013 — It’s rare to find a menu without cheesecake. Not only is it the fourth fastest growing dessert, it ranks second in new desserts, says Technomic. So it’s no wonder to find cheesecakes up 17% on menus over the last three years, according to Mintel Metro Insight. 

Sweet Street Desserts is keeping menus and taste buds fresh with five innovative, new 10-inch cheesecakes, designed to delight customers with traditional and trendy flavors.

• Classic Blueberry Cheese Brulée—White chocolate cheesecake artistically aswirl with vibrant, wild Maine blueberries that imbue their luscious flavor along with their prized antioxidant properties. Hand-fired and glazed.

• Ricotta Brulée Cheesecake—Creamy, fluffy and feather-light, this favorite has just a whisper more texture than our other cheesecakes. Made with snowy-white ricotta, it’s slightly less sweet and lusciously rich. Bruléed for a fabulous finish.

• Strawberry Brulée Cheesecake—Sweet Street captures the peak freshness of justpicked strawberries in all their juicy, bright seasonal flavor. Crème bruléee custard, luscious with egg yolks and fresh whipping cream, is folded into the batter for incredible smoothness and texture. Cinnamon buttery graham crust rounds it all out.

• Brown Cow Chocolate Pudding Cheesecake—Dollops of rich chocolate pudding are set in the creamiest of cheesecakes. This luscious dessert looks like the Holstein dairy cows that provide our fresh whipping cream, milk and yogurt ingredients. It’s Americana, the beautiful.

• Salted Caramel Brulée Cheesecake—Creating caramel, Sweet Street transforms the one-dimensional sweetness of sugar into a rounded, complex flavor with slightly dark notes and almost nutty undertones. Layered with tangy cream cheese and swirled on top, Sweet Street’s salted caramel is perfection. Pennsylvania-based Sweet Street Desserts is the leader in frozen dessert sales, distributing to North America, Europe and Asia. Its innovation has created not only new dessert products, but also new dessert categories, including Candy Bar Pies, “Big” Desserts, Pullmans, Xangos®, European Individuals and Brulée Cheesecakes. The company holds 15 copyrights for the design of its food products. Learn more by visiting

www.sweetstreet.com or contacting your broker or distributor.

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Robin Drezner 

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