(Press Release) Vancouver, BC June 14, 201–SUTUS, the leading technology specialist for the pizza franchise industry today announced it has partnered with the American Pizza Community, a coalition of America’s foremost pizza companies, to highlight the importance of the pizza industry within American communities and promote policies that permit continued industry success.

The American Pizza Community, which was formed earlier this year, boasts members such as Domino’s Pizza, Godfather’s Pizza, Hungry Howie’s, International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association, Little Caesars, Papa John’s Pizza and now SUTUS. Collectively, the pizza community employs over 400,000 U.S. employees in stores in all 50 states.

The first American pizzeria opened in 1905 in New York and today there are more than 70,000 pizzerias in the US and over 3 billion pizzas are sold each year (National Association of Pizza Operators).

Shawn Chute, COO of SUTUS, commented, “We were thrilled to receive the invitation to join the American Pizza Community and look forward to helping promote the pizza industry and the economic benefits it brings to local communities and the country as a whole.”

“SUTUS works with a number of leading pizza brands to improve best-practice customer experience and we hope our knowledge will help the American Pizza Community in its work to improve awareness of the industry,” added Chute.

Lynn M. Liddle, Chair of The American Pizza Community and Executive Vice President of Communications, Investor Relations and Legislative Affairs for Domino’s Pizza, commented, “We are delighted that SUTUS has joined the American Pizza Community. The pizza industry both supports and relies on other industries and we are appreciative that SUTUS is the newest supplier partner to become a member of this organization.”


SUTUS is a leader and innovator in franchise communications solutions enabling franchisees to transform their IT and telephony into a platform that generates higher sales, improves the customer experience and reduces operating costs. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, SUTUS works with some of the most successful franchise brands in the world at both the corporate and franchisee level integrating key business-performance drivers with customer and operational data to help implement best practices across the franchise.

The company’s Business Central platform, which has won eight industry awards for innovation and product excellence, is an affordable, enterprise-quality franchise solution developed specifically for franchises whose business relies on exceptional phone-based customer interaction.

Customized by SUTUS for each franchise business model, the single platform combines flexible technology to deliver sales, marketing, operating and business management benefits. Advanced messaging options, call recording, customized reporting, LiveCoach, and remote fleet management features translate directly into improved operational delivery and profit.

The SUTUS platform serves as the backbone for other franchise operating tools allowing alarms, security cameras, POS and GPS systems to plug-and-play seamlessly ensuring an integrated franchise business tool.

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