Americans are pizza-obsessed,” according to

“But you knew that, didn’t you? The country is chowing down on cheesy pies (with crusts on) at least once a week, according to a new national Zagat survey.

The number one topping? Pepperoni, with 38 percent of those polled calling it their first choice. But it’s not all about the meat — mushrooms came in a very close second, just above sausage. What topping makes most people shudder? That would be anchovies, voted least favorite among all the options (but Al Roker’s favorite).

As for how we eat those pizza pies, your technique might depend on where you live. Just over 50 percent of Northeasterners polled preferred to fold their slices, while over half of Midwesterners eat it flat. Women are more likely to pick up a fork and eat than men, but only 19 percent of eaters aren’t willing to get their hands a little greasy. And despite the convenience of holding dinner in your hand, the vast majority of people sit down and savor their pizza, rather than eating it on-the-go.”

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