Survey: Pizza Hut Sits on Pizza Throne

According to the Dayton Business Journal, "When it comes to pizza, Americans favorite national chain appears to be Pizza Hut, according to a survey released on Friday. The Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows 58 percent find Pizza Hut favorable, followed by Papa John’s (54 percent) and then Domino’s (48 percent). Domino’s Pizza Inc., Pizza Hut — a division of Louisville-based Yum Brands Inc. — and Papa John’s International Inc. all have numerous Dayton-area locations."

"Little Caesar’s came in fourth, capturing a 42 percent favorable rating. Pizza remains a regular staple of the American diet. The report — which polled 795 people — shows 18 percent of adults claim to eat pizza at least once a week, 22 percent eat pizza at least once a month. However, 17 percent of respondents said they rarely eat pizza.