Survey Finds Italians Feel Happier Eating Pizza

On the occasion of International Happiness Day, Deliveroo wanted to know which foods and what kind of moments were making their customers the happiest. The survey was done by phone and allowed participants to pick their top 3 foods for lifting their mood. It’s no surprise that pizza came out as number one with 42% of respondents reporting pizza made their top 3. Among millennials, aged 25-34, preference for pizza was even higher with 60% placing pizza in their top 3 happiest foods. 

The Runner-ups 

33% Pasta 
30% Grilled meat or fish
21% Gelato
10% Cold cuts 
7% Sandwiches 
7% Sushi

It’s not just what you eat, it’s who you eat it with. In the same survey participants were asked to give their top 3 people to eat with. Results found that Italians preferred most of all to eat with their romantic partner (51%) followed by parents (42%) and friends (37%). 

Less desirable dining companions are grandparents (10%). Only 4% of Italians reported feeling happy eating alone. 

A questionnaire probably wasn't needed to know that pizza brings happiness. But now that we "officially" know where Italians stand, what about the United States?