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Survey: 61 Percent of People Favor Indie Pizzerias Over Chains

And other findings from a recent study done in honor of National Pizza Day.

Pineapple has long been identified as a polarizing ingredient, and a new survey backs that idea up. The survey found that 58 percent of respondents were “team pineapple all the way!” while 42 percent instead answered “no way!”

More relevant to PMQ readers, perhaps, is the fact that 61 percent of respondents favored ordering pizza from a locally owned pizzeria rather than a chain.

The survey was conducted by research firm Intouch Insight in honor of National Pizza Day. The firm asked over 2,000 consumers across North America about their pizza-purchasing habits to “further explore consumer choices in the pizza marketplace.”

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Here are some of the biggest takeaways.

Quality over Quantity. In what can be viewed as an answer connected to the fact that 61 percent of respondents favor independent pizzerias, “quality of ingredients” was ranked the most pivotal factor when choosing where to order from. The second-most pressing concern was the price of the piece, while the third-most important was convenience. Out of the options offered by Intouch Insight “the availability of gluten-free/vegan offerings” was the least important factor.

Domino’s Domination. The survey sought to find which top pizza chains command the most brand recognition. Given a selection of seven logos, respondents ranked the top three chains, in order: Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. Those just so happen to be the three highest-grossing U.S. pizza chains.

Nobody Goes There Any More. When compared to a similar survey Intouch Insight conducted a year ago, 10 percent fewer respondents said they placed orders over the phone for pizza compared to last year. Online ordering through a mobile app (49 percent) or website (49 percent) have become the most popular ways to order, followed by over the phone (37 percent), in-store purchases (25 percent) and third-party apps (10 percent).

I’ll Just Have Pepperoni… As much as it can seem like trendy toppings are a huge part of everyone’s life, it may not be true. Intouch Insight found that 70 percent of respondents said they hadn’t had any trending pizza toppings within the past year. Of those who had, buttermilk ranch and hot honey were most popular.