Super Day for Pizza in Reno Area

According to a news report from, “If the number of pizza boxes in a customer pick-up order is any indication of success, then the Pizza Plus on Prater Way was on its way to a touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday.”

“Orders waiting behind the registers were several, if not four or five boxes, high. Names like “Erik” and “Frank” were scribbled on them by hand,” said the story. “Lines moved quickly and, even with the rush, employees took the time to open a pizza box for a customer and show them their pizza to make sure it was prepared as ordered. “It’s exciting,” employee Suri Ramirez said of the Super Bowl. “The feeling of being really busy is kind of nice.” For some pizzerias, the Super Bowl is the busiest day of the year. And that was the case for the Pizza Plus store on Prater Way in Sparks.”

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