Super Bowl Pig Out Facts

“Next to Thanksgiving Day, Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest pig-out day for Americans. Here’s how much we consume to celebrate just one football game, based on a variety of internet sources reported 11Alive TV in Atlanta. Overall, we spend $ 55 million stuffing our faces. Wings, of course, are among the most popular treats. We’ll eat 1.25-billion of them. ‘Well, I made for today the amount of wings I make for a week,” said Scott Price, kitchen manager for Jack’s Pizza and Wings on Highland Avenue.

“It’s also the biggest day of the year for pizza, 4.4 million of them. And then there’s beer, 325.5 million gallons, enough to fill 493 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Super Bowl fans will consume 28 million pounds of various chips. Many of us will put up to 53.5 million pounds of avocado on them. All in all, the average fan can expect to consume 1,200 calories. That also means antacid sales will see a 20 percent jump in sales.”