Suite Pizzas Rake in Dough at the Cowboys’ New Stadium

According to, “apparently, the Dallas Cowboys figure that if you can afford to pay between $100,000 and $500,000 for a luxury suite in their new $1.5 billion stadium, what’s a few dollars more if you want to enjoy a pizza in your posh digs.”

“Cost for a plain cheese pizza: $60. The team’s rationale for charging so much? ‘Having your company’s name on a suite makes an important statement about your success,’ according to the Cowboys Web site. ‘It’s an investment in your company’s future that can deliver impressive returns year after year.’ Oh yeah. Toppings are extra. The team also plans to rake in additional bucks by giving fans the opportunity to enter the stadium on game day even if you don’t have a ticket. For $29, a ticket-less fan will be allowed into the stadium, mill around and if they’re lucky, squeeze out some space at one of the parks designated stand-only fan areas,” the story said.