By Michael Bloch

Be glad you are in the pizza business. It could be worse, just imagine if you were a car dealer. Tough economic times can actually be good for your pizza business.  Think about this, what is a more ecomonical way to feed a family dinner than pizza. Yes, pizza is the answer to saving money. Families can cut back on expenses by eating pizza more often. This is something you should remind your customers of and use in promotions.


An Easy Way To Build Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is always important, however, in today’s economy it is more important than ever. So, what can you do to build loyalty from your customers? Treat everyone that comes in or calls on the phone as if they were one of your best friends. Smile, greet them as though you are happy to see them, call them by their name, (learn the names of your customers). It is amazing at how powerful these things are. It today’s world, most people have learned to expect poor customer service given by
unfriendly people. Don’t let that happen at your place.


Say “Thank You” and invite customers back. Always be polite and say “thank you.” Smart people go one step futher by inviting people back. A great way to do this is to have a special promotion every Monday (could be a free bottle of Coke with every pizza). Tell each customer, come back again on Monday and get a FREE bottle of Coke with your pizza. The point is this, make people feel good and appreciated when they buy from you, tell them you appreciate their business and sincerely thank them and invite them back on a specific day with a reason why they should come back that day.


The cost of doing this is zero, all it takes is a little effort and some time to train your people how to do it, too. Do it today. Go ahead, sell more pizza!



Michael Bloch is known as the Pizza Marketing Genius. He works with
owners of pizzerias throughout the US and Canada to help them increase
sales and profits by using innovative and inexpensive marketing strategies..
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