StyroSmart® Solutions Achieving a Zero Waste Environment!

StyroSmart Solutions recently introduced the FoodGenie at the School Nutrition Association ANC in Boston, MA. StyroSmart Solutions offers visionary solutions to achieve a Zero Waste environment in any school, university or institution. They embrace the concept that discarded materials can be re-designed to become resources for others to use. Their “Dual Technologies” StyroGenie and FoodGenie together – create a Zero Waste environment:


Schools throughout the United States use roughly 5.76 billion foam food trays each school year. StyroSmart® has developed an innovative solution to help schools recycle foam with the StyroGenie SG-1200. StyroGenie is a low cost, thermal densification machine that reverses the foam manufacturing process by removing the air and returning it to a liquid resin. The resin is then cooled and formed into small briquettes that are easily recycled into other products. StyroSmart® Solutions has formed direct recycle agreements to transform the briquettes into EPS picture frames that can be sold at school fund-raisers.


In 2013 alone, more than 36 million tons of food waste was generated, with only five percent diverted from landfills and incinerators for composting.

FoodGenie FG-200 is a food waste dehydrating system providing on site reduction of food waste volume by 90% – creating compost that can be reused as nutrient rich mulch. Making it 100% recyclable. The process provides rapid break down, reducing volume and weight of the food waste which reduces operational costs.

Smart Environmentally

– Reducing foam waste volume by 95%

– Reduces food waste volume and weight by 90%

– Keeps EPS and food waste out of our landfills

– Fewer carbon emissions from reduced waste hauling.

– Recycles foam into usable products

– Both are green technology environmentally friendly processes

Smart Economically

– Transport Savings, reduces waste collection costs by 80%

– Labor Savings reduces staff time management and processing of food & foam tray waste.

– Recycled products that can be sold at fundraisers.

Zero Waste should be everyone’s goal – StyroSmart Solutions embraces this goal and is committed to the three “R”s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to save our planet.

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