Study: Chinese Prefer Western Fast Food

"" reports, “China has become the arena for a fierce competition between Western fast food brands such as McDonald’s and KFC, who are aggressively expanding their presence in the country, after gaining a noticeable upper hand against Chinese fast food franchises.”

“According to a survey in the Workers’ Daily, 72.7 percent of young people under 15 years old prefer Western fast food to Chinese fast food. Mike Bastin, a Marketing and Management expert at Tsinghua University says that he believes the better quality of food and clean dining environment, as well as a number of other factors, has contributed to the popularity of western fast food restaurants in China.  ‘Obviously Chinese people like the food. The western brands are perceived as providing better quality, and certainly, when it comes to food, it’s hygienic and has a clean environment and good service as well. Also they tend to have the better locations in some of the prime cities, so I think it’s a combination of reasons.’ Though western fast food chains are besting their Chinese counterparts, they are having to confront serious competition amongst themselves.”