Students Embrace Free Pizza, College Objects to Solicitation

According to a news report from The Bowdoin Orient, “it was a college student’s dream come true last weekend when Papa John’s showed up outside several College House parties to give out free pizza slices to hoards of hungry students. Students rushed for the individually boxed slices. Best of all, there was no catch. The students grabbed a few slices and went on their merry way.”

“General Manager of the Brunswick branch of Papa John’s Denise Whitmore said that this is all part of the store’s new promotion targeting Bowdoin College students.”

“‘I love my college kids,’ said Whitmore. ‘We started this last weekend and plan to continue it for the next couple of weekends.'”

“Whitmore said that it was too soon to tell if the promotion has boosted sales from Bowdoin students. This should come as great news to students like Carlo Davis ’12, who received a few free slices last Friday night outside of Helmreich House.”

“‘I was overjoyed,’ said Davis. ‘I love free pizza. It’s one of those things it’s hard to be against. I don’t object to it generally.'”

“However, Director of Student Life Allen Delong said he sees some problems in Papa John’s promotion. It goes directly against the College’s solicitation policy, which says the College does not approve of solicitation of students, faculty or staff because of disruption to campus activities or implications that the College endorses the featured product.”